SELAYAR Eco Resort

East coast (November to april)

West coast (May to November)     



- New : Ecotourism, during june we welcome you for free on the best beaches of Selayar to clean them. the boat to go there is free, you sleep under tents and we organize the meals.(for more details, see our FB)


SELAYAR ECO RESORT East coast is for people who like to travel outside the mass tourism circuits.


    Our resort offers 6 bungalows for 2 persons each and a restaurant.


    All bungalows are equipped with a large terrace and a nice bathroom.


    Nestled at the foot of the rainforest, where you can find families tarsius (smallest monkey in the world), a multitude of butterflies, and extremely diverse fauna.


Our sustainable development policy led us to use a photovoltaic plant to power the site (commissioning in 2017), and only use wood from the island for buildings. We have our own organic garden and we provide among fishermen around.


   Side restaurant, we offer a daily changing menu and traditional Indonesian dishes.

Breakfast is western style or local choice.


    We can offer you to visit the island, trekking (for the brave), snorkeling, and beach volleyball, organize a treasure hunt (for children) ...

or dive into exceptional sites.


Our resort is located in front of the most beautiful dive site of the island, and therefore one of the most beautiful in the world. In fact, 100 m in front of the beach is a wall of 600 m depth where you can find the aquatic flora and fauna unique to Indonesia.(This area is protected)


Selayar is located in the heart of the Wallacea area. Wallacea encompasses the area of the islands have never had connections to major land masses of the region, or East or Australia. Therefore, there are few animals that have crossed the expanses of ocean (land mammals, birds, terrestrial or freshwater fish of continental origin).


The resort is located on the Pinang beach , a 2km beach of white sand, ideal for morning walks or jogging. This part of the island is uninhabited and you can enjoy this space freely.

How to get to Selayar island

From Makassar (Makassar)

      Solution 1: The most economical, air-conditioned bus, depart at 9am arrival at a Benteng 7:30 pm through Bira ferry crossing. 150 000Rp/pers  (approx 10 Euros).

     Solution 2: The faster, by air Makassar-Selayar, 35min :


 WINGS AIR: 450 000Rp/pers (30 Euros ), flights every day (8.55am)



From Bali

     by plane: Denpasar-Makassar line every day, 6 times / day (about 50 Euros).


From Jakarta

     by plane: Jakarta-Makassar line every day, 6 times / day (about 70 Euros).





Rates and Reservations

Delivery                                        rate per night 


    Bungalow for 1 or 2 pers                         70 € fullboard

                                                                    60 € halfboard

                                                                    50 € with breakfast                     


 Transport service Airport-Eco Resort East coast (car&boat, 1h30)


    Go (max 4 persons)                                  40 €

    Return (max 4 persons)                            40 €


Transport service Airport-Eco Resort West coast (car, 15min + boat, 30 min)


    Go (max 4 persons)                                  20 €

    Return (max 4 persons)                            20 €


   Car rental with driver                                  35 € per day + Fuel

   Scooter rental                                              7 € per day + Fuel


 Diving (included: bottle belt lead, towel, drink, boat)


    pack 2 dives/day/2pers                             135 € West coast / East coast

    house reef diving  (weigh + tank)                10 € West coast / East coast




   preferably by email. See the Contact tab.

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